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The Why

A purpose/mission statement is: 

  • Authentically believed and creates internal clarity and alignment.

  • Life-giving.

  • Drives purposeful action and provides decision making clarity.

  • Preserves core values, beliefs, and goals.

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Purpose & reason for existance
  1. To help people create the conditions in work and life that will bring out the greatest potential in themselves and others so there is a little more peace and joy in the world.

Core Values

Core Values & Beliefs guide day-to-day-behavior.

  • They are fixed, enduring, fundamental, and non-negotiable.

  • They don’t change with time (including environment change)

  • They are piercingly simply. They act as a guide for life.

  • They capture what is authentically believed. They are the rules of life.

  • They are bone deep and as natural as breathing.

  • You know its ‘core’ even when it could become a disadvantage

Aged antique nautical compass and old ma
The values that drive me and the actions I take
  1. Meaningful work that makes a difference! 

    • I choose adventure over comfort and so do my clients.  ​

  2. Love and genuine connection.

    • I care deeply and I intentionally add love to everything I do.

    • I listen to understand.

    • I communicate a message in a way that can be interpreted as I intended. 

    • I check for impact and I share impact.  

  3. Learning, growing, and expanding.

    • I am willing to risk making a mistake knowing I will learn and grow from failure.

    • I am comfortable being uncomfortable.

    • I read like a maniac, always seeking to better myself.

  4. Seeking and aligning with truth.

    • I ask hard questions from a place of curiosity not judgement. 

    • I acknowledge reality--when things are great and especially when its hard.

    • I focus on what is possible and what I want to create.

  5. Appreciating beauty in all forms. 

    • I take time to be in the present moment to be with nature, people, spaces, situations.


A compelling vision is:

  • Stated in the positive - what future do we want?

  • Is achieved through collective dreaming. (Not an analysis of present problems.)

  • A compelling vision should be based on the conscious alignment of organizational core values and mission while honoring the values, purpose, and visions of the individual members of organization.

Aged antique nautical compass and old ma
HOw to know they are alive
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