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The Why
Purpose & reason for existance
  1. To help people create the conditions in work and life that will bring out the greatest potential in themselves and others so there is a little more peace and joy in the world.

A purpose/mission statement is: 

  • Authentically believed and creates internal clarity and alignment.

  • Life-giving.

  • Drives purposeful action and provides decision making clarity.

  • Preserves core values, beliefs, and goals.

Aged antique nautical compass and old ma
Core Values
The values that drive me and the actions I take
  1. Meaningful work that makes a difference! 

    • I choose adventure over comfort and so do my clients.  ​

  2. Love and genuine connection.

    • I care deeply and I intentionally add love to everything I do.

    • I listen to understand.

    • I communicate a message in a way that can be interpreted as I intended. 

    • I check for impact and I share impact.  

  3. Learning, growing, and expanding.

    • I am willing to risk making a mistake knowing I will learn and grow from failure.

    • I am comfortable being uncomfortable.

    • I read like a maniac, always seeking to better myself.

  4. Seeking and aligning with truth.

    • I ask hard questions from a place of curiosity not judgement. 

    • I acknowledge reality--when things are great and especially when its hard.

    • I focus on what is possible and what I want to create.

  5. Appreciating beauty in all forms. 

    • I take time to be in the present moment to be with nature, people, spaces, situations.

Core Values & Beliefs guide day-to-day-behavior.

  • They are fixed, enduring, fundamental, and non-negotiable.

  • They don’t change with time (including environment change)

  • They are piercingly simply. They act as a guide for life.

  • They capture what is authentically believed. They are the rules of life.

  • They are bone deep and as natural as breathing.

  • You know its ‘core’ even when it could become a disadvantage

Aged antique nautical compass and old ma
HOw to know they are alive
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A compelling vision is:

  • Stated in the positive - what future do we want?

  • Is achieved through collective dreaming. (Not an analysis of present problems.)

  • A compelling vision should be based on the conscious alignment of organizational core values and mission while honoring the values, purpose, and visions of the individual members of organization.