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Employee Management Crash Course

Hiring, Training, Accountability, and Workplace Culture

Part 2:  Keeping the Best - Building High Performance Teams

Here are the promised resources and samples/templates to help you build the kind of culture and business model that will attract the kind of people you want to work with and who will help you make your dreams for your business a reality!

Thank you so much for choosing to invest your time, money, and energy with Mike and I.  We hope you were able to take away something that will be impactful for your pizzeria. 


It is such a privilege to share what works for Farrelli's and some of the hard lessons we had to learn before we found these best practices.  We are always learning, growing, and evolving and if we can save other operators from the school of hard knocks that just about makes it worth it!  Sorta...  

Again reach out if you have any questions.  Contact me with the link below or email Mike at!

Sincerely, Ann Farrell & Mike Rutledge

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